Hello everyone!

I am an introvert and sometimes l find it very difficult to express myself in front of people and l know there are more people like me all over this world.

Not only introverts sometimes extrovert also fail to express their true feelings.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t communicate we can’t speak our heart out. But why do we fail? What’s stopping us to speak what’s exactly inside aur mind?

The major concern of this article is to make people realise that talking or speaking or uttering words is not the only way to convey our thoughts to people around us. Communication means expressing and enticing our thoughts ideas and opinions to people. We can do it in several other ways. There are many more alternatives to connect with people.

Believe me or not talking is an art but everyone can’t learn or excel every form of art right?

You just need look inside yourself and find out your capabilities your own art which you master. Your way of expressing yourself to this world full of people who talk.

I don’t know if l write good enough or not but whenever l write something l feel like l am doing something l love, for me writing is my own way to express myself. I can’t speak in front of people but l can write for people.

We all need to explore within us and find the magic hidden.

I have written a short poem and l would like to share it in this article.

everyday you are searching for a miracle.

The path you have followed is a circle.

you will always be there without any blooming

It’s time for you to read yourself and find the best ruling.

Sink inside the sea of your heart and discover your own beautiful art.

We all have immense potential and capabilities within us maybe you are painter, dancer ,writer or maybe you have an ability to become a leader.

Maybe you have huge amount of power and intelligence to develop new technologies and change this world.

Maybe you are an amazing designer ready to design a whole new world

You can have several talents and many ways to present yourself to express yourself to this world to tell everyone what you are and who you are.

When l see a painting l always try to understand the message or the words hidden within these admirable artwork of colour.

When l see someone dance l always try to read their expression. Their expression and body language always conveys a message to us.

When l see someone singing l always try to read their voice l always try to understand the song and l look for a meaning.

Every form of art is a type of communication.

All these form of art is a way of expressing emotions .

The happiness,grief,excitement,love,anger and sometimes for telling a whole story.

Slaghya tiwari

16 thoughts on “FINDING YOUR OWN ART.

  1. I am touched by the way u have written it……..I felt the message u wanted to convey

    Want to read more from u
    Keep writing 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Every single word of yours is so pure. Honestly, it gives me sort of happiness or I can say a zeal to do kinda something same. You’re doing what normally people can’t do it on a random basis. I hope that we’ll get more n more stuff in future like this. Keep doing. Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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